What do you think about the original plants return in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time?

I found some info about the orignal returning plants.

Plants that may appear later:

-Mushrooms (this is confirmed in TCRF)

-Coffee bean (use it to awake sleeping mushrooms & sunflowers in dark ages.)

-Plantern (MAYBE plantern will return to light the dark in dark ages)

-Garlic (It's nothing against to add him back to the game)

-Umbrella leaf (Maybe catapults will appear in dark ages)

-Pumpkin(See garlic)

-Cactus (?????)

Plants that will not be in the game:

-aquatic plants (There are any swimming zombies in pirate seas)

-playable gatling pea (They turned him into a plant food upgrade)

Scrapped plants (they were going to be in this game, but were cutting for unknown reaseons):

-Chomper (PopCap said that he was cut out because the bonk choy, but i don't think that is this reason (They appear both in Garden Warfare))

-Beet (Like previous one, but he doesn't appear in GW

-Marigold (Still appear in Zen Garden)

-Flower pot (Like Marigold)

What do you think about it?  (Sorry for my english)