• Andrzej Krynicki

    Am I the only one who this this game in early versions (v1.0-v1.6) was unplayable.

    I hate key gates, stars and boring levels.

    As of v1.7 this game became WAY BETTER.

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  • Andrzej Krynicki

    There is a question: what chinese plant you wan't in international game?

    1 - bamboo shoot

    2 - heavenly peach

    3 - fire gourd

    4 - white raddish

    You can vote only one!

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  • Andrzej Krynicki

    What do you think about the original plants return in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time?

    I found some info about the orignal returning plants.

    -Mushrooms (this is confirmed in TCRF)

    -Coffee bean (use it to awake sleeping mushrooms & sunflowers in dark ages.)

    -Plantern (MAYBE plantern will return to light the dark in dark ages)

    -Garlic (It's nothing against to add him back to the game)

    -Umbrella leaf (Maybe catapults will appear in dark ages)

    -Pumpkin(See garlic)

    -Cactus (?????)

    -aquatic plants (There are any swimming zombies in pirate seas)

    -playable gatling pea (They turned him into a plant food upgrade)

    -Chomper (PopCap said that he was cut out because the bonk choy, but i don't think that is this reason (They appear both in Garden Warfare))


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