Since 1zulu is absent I decided to be adding list of zombies in internal name from the coding of 2.7.1 and in the future I will update this page when the zombies are upcoming or came out. This is wip, so you must to make sure to check any updates to my blog right now.


Name Image Internal Name
Basic Zombie Basic Zombie2 Tutorial
Conehead Zombie Conehead Zombie2 Tutorial_armor1
Buckethead Zombie Buckethead ZombiePVZ2 Tutorial_armor2
Flag Zombie Flag ZombiePVZ2 Tutorial_flag
Beach Zombie TBA Beach
Beach Conehead Zombie TBA Beach_armor1
Beach Buckethead Zombie TBA Beach_armor2
Beach Flag Zombie TBA Beach_flag
Mummy Zombie Mummy Zombie2 Mummy
Conehead Mummy Conehead Mummy2 Mummy_armor1
Buckethead Mummy Buckethead Mummy2 Mummy_armor2
Flag Mummy Zombie Flag Mummy Zombie2 Mummy_Flag
Camel Zombies Camel Zombies2 Camel_almanac









Pharaoh Zombie Pharaoh Zombie2 Pharaoh
Ra Zombie Ra Zombie2 Ra
Tomb Raiser Zombie Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Tomb_raiser
Explorer Zombie Explorer Zombie2 Explorer
Pirate Zombie Pirate Zombie2 Pirate
Conehead Pirate Conehead Pirate2 Pirate_armor1
Buckethead Pirate Buckethead Pirate2 Pirate_armor2
Flag Pirate Zombie Flag Pirate Zombie2 Pirate_flag
Barrel Roller Zombie Barrel Roller Zombie2 Barrelroller
Imp Cannon Imp Cannon2 Cannon
Imp Pirate Zombie Imp Pirate Zombie2 Imp_pirate
Seagull Zombie Seagull Zombie2 Seagull
Pirate Captain Zombie Pirate Captain Zombie2 Pirate_captain
Zombie Parrot Zombie Parrot2 Pirate_captain_parrot
Swashbuckler Zombie Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler
Imp Barrel N/A (See Barrel Roller Zombie) Pirate_barrel
Cowboy Zombie Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy
Conehead Cowboy Conehead Cowboy2 Cowboy_armor1
Buckethead Cowboy Buckethead Cowboy2 Cowboy_armor2
Flag Cowboy Zombie Flag Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy_flag
Prospector Zombie Prospector Zombie2 Prospector
Zombie Bull Rider Zombie Bull Rider2 West_bullrider
Zombie Bull Zombie Bull2 West_bull
Poncho Zombie Poncho Zombie2 Poncho



Pianist Zombie Pianist Zombie2 Piano
Chicken Wrangler Zombie Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 Chicken_farmer
Zombie Chicken Zombie Chicken2 Chicken
Robo-Cone Zombie Robo-Cone Zombie2 Mech_cone
Mecha Football Zombie Mecha-Football Zombie2 Football_mech
Disco-tron 3000 Disco-tron 30002 Disco_mech
Future Zombie Future Zombie2 Future
Future Conehead Zombie Future Conehead Zombie2 Future_armor1
Future Buckethead Zombie Future Buckethead Zombie2 Future_armor2
Future Flag Zombie Future Flag Zombie2 Future_flag
Future Flag Zombie Future Flag Zombie2 Future_flag
Jetpack Zombie Jetpack Zombie2 Future_jetpack
Disco Jetpack Zombie Disco Jetpack Zombie2 Future_jetpack_disco
Gargantuar Prime Gargantuar Prime2 Future_gargantuar
Bug Bot Imp Bug Bot Imp2 Future_imp
Gargantuar PVZIAT Gargantuar Tutorial_gargantuar
Imp PVZIAT Imp Tutorial_Imp
Mummified Gargantuar Mummified Gargantuar2 Egypt_gargantuar
Imp Mummy Imp Mummy2 Egypt_imp
Gargantuar Pirate Gargantuar Pirate2 Pirate_gargantuar
Wild West Gargantuar Wild West Gargantuar2 Cowboy_gargantuar
Shield Zombie Shield Zombie2 Future_protector
Zombot Tomorrow-tron Zombot Tomorrow-tron2 Zombossmech_future
Zombot Sphinx-inator Zombot Sphinx-inator2 Zombossmech_egypt
Zombot War Wagon Zombot War Wagon2 Zombossmech_cowboy
Zombot Plank Walker Zombot Plank Walker2 Zombossmech_pirate
Zombot Dark Dragon Zombot Dark Dragon2 Zombossmech_dark
Cleopatra Zombie N/A (Sun in game) Cleopatra
Treasure Yeti Treasure Yeti2 Treasureyeti
Pleasant Zombie Peasant Zombie2 Dark
Conehead Peasant Conehead Peasant2 Tutorial_armor1
Buckethead Peasant Buckethead Peasant2 Dark_armor2
Peasant Flag Zombie Peasant Flag Zombie2 Dark_flag
Knight Zombie Knight Zombie2 Dark_armor3
Imp Monk Zombie Imp Monk Zombie2 Dark_imp
Imp Dragon Zombie Imp Dragon Zombie2 Dark_imp_dragon
Dark Ages Gargantuar Dark Ages Gargantuar2 Dark_gargantuar
Wizard Zombie Wizard Zombie2 Dark_wizard
Jester Zombie Jester Zombie2 Dark_juggler
Zombie King Zombie King2 Dark_king
Christmas Gargantuar Christmas Gargantuar2 Holiday_gargantuar
Christmas Imp Christmas Imp2 Holiday_imp
Easter Gargantuar Easter Gargantuar2 Spring_gargantuar
Easter Imp Easter Imp2 Spring_imp
Zombie Pet Basic Zombie2 Pet
Beach Bunny Zombie TBA Beach_fem
Beach Bunny Conehead TBA Beach_fem_armor1
Beach Bunny Buckethead TBA Beach_fem_armor1
Snorkel Zombie N/A Beach_snorkel
Surfer Zombie N/A Beach_surfer
Fast Swimmer Zombie N/A Beach_fastswimmer
Imp Mermaid Zombie N/A Beach_imp
Deep Sea Gargantuar N/A Beach_gargantuar
Zombie Fisherman N/A Beach_fisherman
Octopus Thrower Zombie N/A Beach_octopus
Vase Gargantuar Vase Gargantuar2 Vase_Gargantuar



  • In bold unused zombie (Could be used in future).
  • In Italics Holiday only zombie (Could be used in future Holidays).