Welcome to andreelikesplantsvszombies and Mattycn's user blog of the first pvz2 level editor named Dr. Zomboss' Level Builder-inator.


  • Allows you to build your own levels!
  • Change the way how the zombies spawn!
  • When the level is changed, test the level! (unless a save sate on the unedited level)
  • Choose what kind of level is it. (example: Lock And loaded)
  • Change special tiles! (Graves, minecarts and power tiles)
  • Add many requirements to choose from! (Example: "Don't plant on Dave's mold colonies")

Upcoming Features

  • Editing a list of flags.
  • Import textures.
  • more ways to edit boss levels.
  • Change even more special tiles.
  • Online Updates.
  • Make your own plants and zombies.
  • Make your own World.
  • Share Levels online.




Prototypes coming in few days!


Coming in Few years.

Questions And Answers

  • Why is the editor still in the prototype stages?
    • Because it was very buggy, unfinished and has missing features (such as making plants or zombies).