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October 27, 2013
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  • Andreelikesplantsvszombies

    I've enjoyed pvz2, but the good days of pvz2 updates feels like its yesterday, because popcap is just adding new plants that has nothing do with the next world, just related to the parties or the epic quest levels, how? Because many of the pvz2 team went away to work on pvzh or pvzgw2, many fans wanted the old pvz1 plants back and had some plant requests, but they won't listen and add unexpected new ones after the first epic quest update that were either mediocre or overpowered, so how did popcap worsen the updates, it first started when the new update contains the 10th world party that contains the new prem plant, the grapeshot which was a direct upgrade of cherry bomb, then Jurassic Marsh part 1 update came out and it has only one new zo…

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  • Andreelikesplantsvszombies

    So a popcap worker said to me to upcoming things happening there in popcap, the first one that pvz:h is getting three new heroes in the next update, one of the heroes is unicorn chomper from pvz:gw2 and its gonna be purchased in a limited time only, the next one is planned features coming soon to pvz2, he said that in the next update's new plant, the electric currant has animations done and he said that his plant food ablity is beatiful, the next update that is in the works, and he said that the next epic quest has the old levels before pvz2 1.7 came, it has all the brain buster levels and the last days of west, egypt and pirate that are deleted when 1.7 came, a new epic quest plant is a durain that throws durains that when on impact it wi…

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  • Andreelikesplantsvszombies

    I'm sorry guys, I have to move into Austin, I will be back when I have the internet in the new house, good luck guys. ;)

    Edit: I'm still not in Austin and yet I'm still here, well I'm gonna go into Austin on tuesday.

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  • Andreelikesplantsvszombies

    Since 1zulu is absent I decided to be adding list of zombies in internal name from the coding of 2.7.1 and in the future I will update this page when the zombies are upcoming or came out. This is wip, so you must to make sure to check any updates to my blog right now.

    Name Image Internal Name
    Basic Zombie
    Conehead Zombie
    Buckethead Zombie
    Flag Zombie
    Beach Zombie TBA Beach
    Beach Conehead Zombie TBA Beach_armor1
    Beach Buckethead Zombie TBA Beach_armor2
    Beach Flag Zombie TBA Beach_flag
    Mummy Zombie
    Conehead Mummy
    Buckethead Mummy
    Flag Mummy Zombie
    Camel Zombies







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  • Andreelikesplantsvszombies

    Welcome to andreelikesplantsvszombies and Mattycn's user blog of the first pvz2 level editor named Dr. Zomboss' Level Builder-inator.

    • Allows you to build your own levels!
    • Change the way how the zombies spawn!
    • When the level is changed, test the level! (unless a save sate on the unedited level)
    • Choose what kind of level is it. (example: Lock And loaded)
    • Change special tiles! (Graves, minecarts and power tiles)
    • Add many requirements to choose from! (Example: "Don't plant on Dave's mold colonies")

    • Editing a list of flags.
    • Import textures.
    • more ways to edit boss levels.
    • Change even more special tiles.
    • Online Updates.
    • Make your own plants and zombies.
    • Make your own World.
    • Share Levels online.


    Prototypes coming in few days!

    Coming in Few years.

    • Why is the e…

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