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August 29, 2012
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  • I live in Mobius
  • My occupation is Detective
  • I am A bee
  • Alexneushoorn

    I will be putting my ideas at PvZ Character Creator. I have a lot of ideas to share with you guys, so i will be posting them there.

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  • Alexneushoorn

    My progress on my Platinum Badge mission is outstanding! Got to keep contributing...

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  • Alexneushoorn

    Doing good !

    September 14, 2012 by Alexneushoorn

    I am making good progress on my Wiki Mission ! If i keep editing , i will have the Platinum Badge in no time !

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  • Alexneushoorn

    Narrator : In an homeowner's backyard ...

    Melon-pult stands on an Lily Pad , and Threepeater stands behind a Torchwood , who stands behind a Tall-nut ...

    Melon-pult : I am ready to rock !

    Threepeater : * in unison * So am i !

    Torchwood : Let's get them !

    Tall-nut : Let's do this !

    The new Dancing Zombie moonwalks into the backyard and summons some new Backup Dancers ...

    Threepeater Head #1 : Oh , *bleep*...

    Threepeater Head #2 : There are ...

    Threepeater Head #3 : some zombies .

    Threepeater shoots peas at the Dancing Zombie and it's Backup Dancers ...

    Dancing Zombie : Avenge me ... * dies *

    Backup Dancers : * in unison * Six years of dance practice ... what a waste of time ! * they die *

    Torchwood : Great job , man !

    Threepeater Head #1 : It was ...


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  • Alexneushoorn

    I have made some good progress on the way to the Platinum Badge . Are still cheering me on ?

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