Hi! I'm making a plan for dark ages! Comment on my talk page if you want me to add things!

Day 1: Sun-shroom: Same as last game: Last stand I

Day 2: Puff-shroom: Same

Day 3: Money

Day 4: Fume-shroom: Same

Day 5: Money

Day 6: Swordy-shroom: Area of effect Bonk Choy Which is a mushroom

Day 7: Note: Zombie Knights, Please help rescue the brainzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 8: Money: Gargantuar Battle

Day 9: Money: Dark Storm(Every once in a while the screen turns black)I

Day 10: Scaredy-shroom: Same: Last Stand II

Day 11: Dark-nut: Stronger Infi-nut

Day 12: Money

Day 13: Wash-shroom: Laser Bean with slowing effect which is a mushroom

Day 14: Random Plant from this world's costume

Day 15: Money: Dark Storm II

Day 16: Hypno-Shroom:Same but does no damage when zombies eat it. : Locked And Loaded I

Day 17: Doom-shroom: Same: Special delivery

Day 18: Money or plant costume(present): Locked and loaded II

Day 19: Present

Day 20: Money

Day 21: Money

Day 22: Money

Day 23: Coffee Bean:Same but 25 sun

Day 24: Dark Lightning: Instantly shoots lightning at all zombies onscreen doing 25 peas of damage and slowing them by 1/2 for 5 seconds. Disappears after that.

Day 25: Zombot-Gloom-inator trophy: Zomboss Battle

New Premium Plant: Gloom-shroom: Not upgrade plant and 250 sun