This is like MP2's blog, but a little different.

Worst Threats!

Tomb Raiser Zombie

These guys easily replace your defenses when you're not finish. Easily use bunch of Pea Pods to deal them easily and forever.

Pharaoh Zombie

Worst threat and forever. They have a high immunity. Luckily, this defense does not use instants. Use a bunch of Pea Pods and Spikerocks and these guys are dead!

Worst Plants To Use


They are worthless, why do we need them?

The Actual Strategy

Plants to Bring


The Strategy

First Plant a Twin Sunflower (If you have enough), then use Plant Food on the Twin Sunflower. Use a Pea Pod on the first zombie, it will most likely be a Ra Zombie. Plant more Twin Sunflowers and Pea Pods until your defense is full. Plant a Row of Snapdragons, Tall-nuts and Spikerocks and your defense is safe and forever!