So this is fast, and I think Player's House will be the last world because the taco is retrieved in Player's House

Day 1 - You restart all over with 1 lane. You can choose anything, but there are no tutorials.

Day 2 - Same as before, but 3 lanes are there.

Day 3 - Same as before.

Day 4 - Full board, with Buckethead Zombie there. Flower Pot unlocked


Penny: Taco location unsuccesful.

Crazy Dave: But I ate the taco right here!

Penny: It appears that Dr. Zomboss has stolen it.

Day 5 - Unfertilizer Zombie and Fertilizer introduced. Fertilizer is dropped 30% of the time by zombies. Unfertilizer zombie makes the tile unfertile, which disables planting of any plant except for Chomper, Flower Pot and Rotobaga.

Day 6 - Fertilizer now can be used on normal tiles to make them fertile. Plants planted there works twice as fast except for fire plants, Chomper and Rotobaga, but these tiles last for 30 seconds.

Day 7 - Bottle Zombie and Heater introduced. Lily Pad is enabled from now on. Bottle Zombie creates a puddle which decreases speed of the plant by 50% except for Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp and Rotobaga. Dryer is found 30% in zombies and is used to dry puddles. Tangle Kelp deals half damage to all zombies.

Day 8 - Exclusive Brain Buster which is Time Portal introduced. Zombies from other time periods come to the lawn through portals. It is conveyor belt and none of the zombies from this time period is introduced.

Day 9 - Gargantuar level.

Day 10 - Heater can now be used in grass. The tiles turn into burnt tiles, and all fire plants planted on these tiles will have x2 speed.

Day 11 - The first level which Puddles and Unfertile Soil can be found by level generation.

Day 12 - Imps can now appear on their own.

Day 13 - Locked and Loaded.

Day 14 - Last Stand.

Day 15 - Time Portals level.

Day 16 - Pole Vaulting Zombie introduced.

Day 17 - Tall Pea introduced. There are three heads from top to bottom. The bottom head shoots peas that hit the first zombie. The middle head shoots the middle zombie. If there is an even number of zombies in the row, it will shoot the 1st middle zombie. The top head shoots the last zombie in the row.

Day 18 - Save Our Seeds level and the plant is Potato Mine which is armed.

Day 19 - Jogging Zombie introduced. They move at hungry speed, and the toughness is solid.

Day 20 - Damp tiles introduced which are made when 2 Bottle Zombies "spill" their water on the same tile. Tangle Kelps are insta-kill on these tiles and they require 2 heaters.

Day 21 - Cement Zombie, Cement Tiles and Bottled Water introduced. Cement tiles are tiles that are made from Cement Zombies. They disable all planting except for Flower Pot and Rotobaga. In order to revert it to a grass tile, use a Bottled Water, which is dropped 30% of the time by zombies.

Day 23 - Time Portals level.

Day 24 - Last Stand.

Day 25 - Mini Boss Battle - Dr. Zomboss. Dr. Zomboss absorbs 1000 NDS, and is a conveyor belt level. Dr. Zomboss has creeper speed and will go try to go to the house. There is no lawn mowers, and Dr. Zomboss can change lanes. Dr. Zomboss doesn't have degrades.

Day 26 - The final level. Dialogue

Zomboss: The taco is with me and soon your brains will also be mine! *laugh*

Crazy Dave: He has the taco! Get him!

The boss is Zombot Time Tangler. He absorbs 3000 NDS. Here are the attacks:

Time Portal Attack

These are portals that appear when the Zombot's hands opens his hand on the ground. The portals have different colors which represents each world. It will not be featured as there are still other worlds.

Hand Squash Attack

It squashes with it's hand which squashes plants in a 2x2 area.

Time Missile

It shoots missiles from a random time period.

This is the final boss. When you defeat the boss, it gives the taco.


Zomboss: I will get your brains someday!

Crazy Dave: *eats taco* SO DELICOUS!

Penny: We finally found the taco.