Clash of Plants is a game loosely based of Clash of Clans (Obviously)

You must build and protect yourself from other players who wants to attack you.

Plants are buildings (Town hall is home) and zombies are troops.


User blog:A plant/Clash of Plants/Almanac

Buildings TH Lvl 1

  • Twin Sunflower=Elixir Storage=300 Gold
  • Twin Marigold=Gold Storage=300 Elixir
  • Sunflower=Elixir Collector=150 Gold
  • Marigold=Gold Mine=150 Elixir
  • Peashooter=Cannon=250 Gold (2 placable)
  • Zen Garden=Barracks=200 Elixir (Exception)
  • Zen Garden=Army Camp=250 Elixir (Exception)
  • Cherry Bomb>Cherry Bomb>Triple Cherry Bomb>Triple Cherry Bomb>=Bomb=100 Gold
  • Spring Bean=Spring Trap=100 Gold


  • Zombie=Barbarian=25 Elixir Lvl 1
  • Archer Zombie=Archer=50 Elixir Lvl 2
  • Imp=Goblin=25 Elixir Lvl 3
  • Gargantuar (But weaker)=Giant=100 Elixir Lvl 4
  • Jack-in-the-box Zombie=Wall Breaker=1000 Elixir Lvl 5
  • Balloon Zombie=Balloon=2000 Elixir Lvl 6
  • Wizard Zombie (Throws fireballs instead of turning plants into sheep)=Wizard=1500 Elixir Lvl 7
  • Healer Zombie=Healer=5000 Elixir Lvl 8
  • Imp Dragon (Can fly and stronger)=Dragon=25000 Elixir Lvl 9
  • Gargantuar=P.E.K.K.A=30000 Elixir Lvl 10