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A plant's PVZ2 challenges!

A plant August 21, 2013 User blog:A plant

Hi, I made my challenges, it is for PvzIAT, you can do it if you have it, you can come to it here, So ROLL THE CHALLENGES!

1.Survive 10 levels in Pyramid of doom.

2.Go to Wild West.Done

3.Finish all three.Done

4.Summon a chicken flock in Last Stand in Wild West.Done

5.Defeat a flock of chickens plus the leader only using 1 lightning reed.Done

6.Unlock all brain buster Ancient Egypt levels.Done

7.Unlock all brain buster Pirate Seas levels.Done

8.Unlock all brain buster Wild West levels.Done

9.Finish day 10 Wild West without using Spikeweeds or Plant Food.Done

10.Use Plant Food on all types of plants (Except Premium).


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