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  • I live in my house in Gemtopia
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is playing some random games
  • I am a simple boy
  • AWikiBoy521

    Since there's like some Sun/Moon players in this wiki, I was thinking of creating a tournament despite of how few of us. I mean, should I make it exist? Let me know if ever you have a working 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/New 3DS/New 3DS XL/New 2DS XL and a game of Pokemon Sun/Moon.

    For Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon? Maybe, just let me know if you have that too and I might consider that...

    Also, Supback, after a long while after tons of school and life priorities this 11/22 (or 22/11)

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  • AWikiBoy521

    It may seem like it's my "Not Birthday", but it's actually not my "Not Birthday". It's actually a present from someone who has a "Not Birthday" by that date I posted this.

    On my real "Not Birthday" I got:

    • A feast of food (twice)
    • Virtual Gifts! (that I actually appreciated and liked while I'm busy back then)
    • And 0% Cake! Just 100% other stuff (like chicken)!

    As always, users will be rewarded a (virtual) "Not not Birthday" Chicken Drumstick for those who commented here.

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  • AWikiBoy521

    It's my "Not Birthday".

    October 18, 2015 by AWikiBoy521

    In my time that I posted this blog, it's my not birthday! Because there's:

    • Cake (two, to be exact. One before my B-day and the other during my B-day)
    • Some Food (like Pizza)
    • And absolutely no gifts that are physical! (unless you count this virtual )
    • Also, I made and gave this wiki two new forum games.
    • Now, there's some users who still not-birthday me!

    And as a bonus, I gave some cake to some users in this wiki and the ones who commented here are guaranteed to get one (sadly, it's virtual. At least, there's cake). Offer expired, you won't get cake from this anymore, sorry.

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  • AWikiBoy521

    Looks like someone predicted the future with this blog.

    You have probably seen a few of the users in this wiki getting this many edits, and this time, a regular user gets this much in different way!

    And it's all thanks to forum games which about 74% of my edits came from them.

    Also, there's music! Enjoy!

    Btw, this blog is my 10,00th edit.

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  • AWikiBoy521

    Well, the series of problems caused 8 dominoes stacked in front of each other to fall into each other because of a hand full of problems just pushed one that started it. UG shouldn't be demoted or even be banned for "his help" and because of the reaction of some users in this thread, this thread was born, and it caused a controversy of both his idea and him. He should be unbanned right now before it's too late because he still needs to be here in this wiki aside from the Peggle Wiki and he didn't break a rule nor he is "power-hungry", he just got innocently attacked by a simple and fatal misunderstanding and there's should have been a discussion of him being banned before his own ban.

    For those who think that this wiki is dying or something…

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