Here are some Plants vs. Zombies-related jokes:

1. What plant do knights like?

A: an A-spear-agus

2. Why can't you drive a Citron?

A: It has no juice

3. Why does the Cob Cannon have the best hearing?

A: because it has ears

4. What plant is the best driver?

A: a Cab-bage-pult or Grave Bus-ter

5. Which plant is always sad?

A: Gloom-shroom

6. Which plant is the easiest to cut?

A: Split Pea

7. What did the Snow Pea say to the Jalapeno?

A: Woah. Chill-y out!

8. Which plant likes to hang out underground? (besides Potato Mine, Spikeweed, and Spikerock)

A: Sham-rock

9. How should you greet a Winter Melon?

A: Ice to meet you!

10. Why is the Puff-shroom so popular?

A: It is a fungi.