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Which plant should appear in PvZ2?

AWPXML June 5, 2014 User blog:AWPXML

Which of the following plants should DEFINETLY reappear in PvZ2?

Well, for all I'll say right now is that everyone wants the pumpkin to reappear.

Please only choose a maximum of 3 plants and if you choose a mushroom, the coffee bean with it does not count as a plant.

1. Chomper

2. Scaredy-shroom and Coffee Bean

3. Ice-shroom and Coffee Bean

4. Doom-shroom and Coffee Bean

5. Pumpkin

6. Magnet-shroom and Coffee Bean

7. Marigold (you can plant them on the lawn)

8. Gatling Pea

9. Gloom-shroom

10. Gold Magnet

11. Cob Cannon

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