NO, this is not meant to be a CinemaSins parody or for humor or anything like that. I am going to discuss things that are ACTUALLY wrong with this wiki. Some of you might have noticed that I am starting to hate the wiki. I am. This blog post will explain it all.

First of all, we are losing a lot of good staff members. This is mostly from fights, arguments, problems with the wiki, and other wiki crap. About 4-8% of the members here are actually good. DO NOT ASK WHO IS A GOOD MEMBER AND WHO IS NOT. I don't want people feeling bad or surperior if I tell them they are a bad or good member. We also get a bunch of sockpuppeters like Slytherin Potter and MaxStories who want to disturb the wiki's peace. In fact, MaxStories doesn't EVER deserve to be forgiven. He created the Abram league and framed ThePurplePi!

Second, some of the members who were once good are starting to become bad. Brainulator9 is an example. He is making the wiki immature. Plus, he was very verbally abusive towards me when I got into a fight with him about the unneeded categories. A F**KING FIGHT. He said I shouldn't be a bureaucrat and that I was worthless. That's why I demoted myself a week ago. Also, Cavia, who I was orignally neutral towards, started harassing me on chat because I said I was going to retire and that I demoted myself just because of a fight.

Also, some of the staff members are just greedy and rank-hungry, like TCLP and Poopysro7. Honestly, Poopysro7 isn't ready for bureaucrat. On top of that, some of the staff members are just immature and make the wiki look too childish. Brainulator9 started adding all this s**tty s**t to the staff page and made it look like some 5-year old made it. Seriously! Just look at it! Uselessguy was right about how immature this wiki is!

I think the punishment lengths on this wiki are WAY TOO harsh. Something that SHOULD warrant a 1-month block is something like hacking/death/DDoS threats, discrimination, scamming, etc. Most of the medium offenses warrant a 1-month, when they should warrant a block a few days long to a week. If you compare the block lengths to a another wiki, you will understand why this wiki is too harsh on punishments.

Also, we get into all these stupid arguments about petty things like hyperlinks and emoticons. Then, it becomes a huge fight. Plus, whenever one vote ends, a few days later, a vote about the same topic comes back up. Spoilers are becoming a huge problem on this wiki too. There is no problem with liking spoilers. What IS a problem though is that the people who support spoilers are insensitive to the people who don't like spoilers. They just go and spoil the upcoming content to them. Also, when someone tries to stop it, the people who support spoilers come up with the most bulls**t reasons to protect them. We are also jumping to conclusions too early. For example, when Uselessguy wanted to make changes to the wiki, TCLP and Sinanco just flat out attacked him.

Lastly, I don't approve of some of the stuff being added. Recently, Cavia has created a lot of excessive and pointless categories such as "Plants that don't attack." Who the f**k needs a category like that? Unlike photos, you can't just put all the categories onto a separate page. These stupid categories are just increasing bytes rather than improving the page. I fear that if I oppose them or say that they are spam, Brainy is going to attack me!

Thank you guys for reading this. And I WILL be retiring on July 26. Finally, DO NOT HARASS ME THAT I AM LEAVING THE WIKI OR THAT I DEMOTED MYSELF.