The following is a parody of CinemaSins. If you are not familiar with them, you probably want to watch their videos.

Like always, you can submit sins in the comments. If I approve of it, I will add it to the sin list. In order for me to approve it, it must meet all these conditions:

  • It must relate to Lost City or Toadstool.
  • It cannot be false.
  • It cannot be something I already stated.
  • For sins that involve pictures, such as a frame, include the picture with it.
  • It must be clear what it is.

Types of sins include animation errors, grammar mistakes, references, poor visual effects, similarities to other games, anything that defies common sense, logic, or physics, and historical inaccuracies.

Click the link below for the sins list:

Note that the sin numbers will change a lot.