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Everything Wrong With

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73. Dodo Rider Zombies can apparently pass through an Infi-nut's shield.

74. In a world where Torchwood could come in handy, PopCap does absolutely nothing to try and sell it to us. (Tecku)

75. In the talk before Day 5, Crazy Dave says "Let's pick a peck of Pepper-pults! It's the perfect plant for our predicament!" And then Penny says "Must you rhyme, User Dave? Must you?" Crazy Dave didn't rhyme. (Miles)

76. Iceberg Lettuce slows the neanderthals instead of stopping them, because that mechanic is soooo necessary, right? (Tecku)

77. Hunter Zombie is a vegetarian? What? Is that supposed to mean he only eats the brains of paralyzed people? Because brains are made of meat. (Tecku)

78. In the first teaser video, Hot Potato is somehow frozen by having a snowball thrown at it. (Tecku)

79. Zombie coats protect them from icy winds, except when winds are made by Hurrikale because reasons. (Tecku)

80. Of course PopCap introduces the Hurrikale in a world where you would likely use a lot of fire plants. (Miles)

81. Fire Peashooter is a very crappy and unoriginal name. (Miles)

82. Wait, how is a Fire Peashooter female if its a Peashooter just lit on fire (as seen from its Zen Garden animation)?

83. Inconsistencies. (Starfruity)


84. Of course the Sap-fling is a limited-time premium that costs real money.

85. The Sap-fling would have worked great in PvZ1, but nope. (Miles)

86. A Stunion knows how to play a piano? Wow. Just wow.

87. Rotobagas can float over water in Big Wave Beach, but not slider tiles nor graves. (MGP)

88. Rotobaga is too similar to the Starfruit.

89. I need to speak to the person who originally wanted to name the Rotobaga, X-Shot. That is the lamest name ever.

90. Even when hypnotized by a Hypno-shroom, a Troglobite still pushes ice blocks towards the lawn.

91. Troglobite is a d**k to frozen Yeti Imps.

92. Troglobite's posture and movement is similar to an Octo Zombie.

93. No upgrades again? A bunch of Mystery Gift Boxes?

94. OP freezing winds in Icebound Battleground. (BUL9)

95. The winds can freeze things that Hunter Zombie cannot, like Spikeweed, Potato Mine, and Ghost Pepper. (BUL9)

96. Sap-fling doesn't stack with frost. (BUL9)

97. Planting fire plants in front of other plants cannot block winds. (BUL9)

98. Fire Peashooter shoots Flaming Peas down the lane, it says; the proper name! Was PopCap really trying to avoid conflict? (BUL9)

99. How is Fire Peashooter's Plant Food effect different than that of Laser Bean's except for specific immunities? (BUL9)

100. Also, how does its PF hit Jetpack Zombies?

101. Also, its PF doesn't shoot peas.

102. Did Fire Peashooter get its name, because it's a Peashooter on fire? Are we going into transgender and drag subjects, or what? (BUL9)

103. The sad irony of the thought of Fire Peashooter killing Hero Cleopatra Zombie. (BUL9)

104. Sap-fling's normal projectiles are effective against Jester Zombies, but the Plant Food isn't. (BUL9)

105. Do something like freeze a Laser Bean at the right time, and you'll wish that Laser Bean was perpetually attacking zombies. OP. (BUL9)

106. Weasel Wh*re-derps are OP... well, the weasels are. (BUL9)

107. The boss doesn't give Plant Food. (BUL9)

108. And why the hell do the zombies come from the ice blocks?

109. Also, it's kinda easy.

110. Frozen Fear is a much better name than Icebound Battleground, IMO.

111. Also, Icebound Battleground doesn't have a word relating to death or evil in its name.

112. Many of Chicken Wrangler's BS applies here, especially releasing Chickens/Weasels when MOWED. (BUL9)

113. At least the Weasel in U.S. Acres can be defeated reliably. I can't say the same about Snow Weasels. (BUL9)

114. Snow Weasels or Ice Weasels? (BUL9)

115. Are the weasels even zombies? (BUL9)

116. The mini-boss isn't exactly halfway through the world.

117. They put THREE SOS levels and only two LS and two LaL levels. Boo! Throws tomatoes at PopCap.

118. Was it necessary to have SIX SD levels? WTH! Throws even more tomatoes.

119. Only 5 plants? Throws tomato sauce at PopCap.

120. Weasels have two health AND HAVE THE SPEED OF A F**KING CHICKEN?! Throws more tomato sauce at PopCap.

121. Icebound Battleground IS HARDER THAN FREAKING ARTHUR'S CHALLENGE?????!!!! Throws expired cans of tomato sauce at PopCap. (Miles)

122. Troglobites are barely wearing any clothes. Shouldn't they have hypothermia?

123. Troglobites make pushing 100 pound ice blocks so easy.

124. Shouldn't the log on the Weasel Hoarder fall to the ground, due to physics?

125. I correctly guessed what Ice Weasel's Almanac Entry is.

126. Also, weasels can't survive the Ice Age.

127. Oh, and it takes the same number of hits to release its weasels as it does for a Chicken Wrangler to release its chickens.

128. The bone on the Frostbite Caves Trophy isn't gold.

129. Also, the top part of the bone is excessively swelling.

130. Troglobites can crush Ghost Peppers. *Bleep (Pizzachu)

131. If you want to get rid of those Dodos in IB, you can't use Blover as it isn't provided. (Pizzachu)

132. Wait, so in Icebound Battleground you can have frozen Weasel Hoarders spawn AT THE F**KING FOURTH COLUMN?????!!!!!

133. Knowing how desperate PopCap is getting (Hot Potato), they would add a Tomato sauce plant. (MGP)

134. Chard Guard has the reflexes of a god. If a zombie dies right infront of him, he goes back to his default position isntantly. (MGP)

135. Who thought Stunion's PF was a good idea? (MGP)

136. Weasels still move faster than my goddamn Pepper-pults can hit them :/ (MGP)

137. 15 Yeti Imps can spawn in ice blocks at the start of Icebound Battleground. Really? (MGP)

138. Snapdragon STILL doesn't have a warming aura. (MGP)

139. Most plants in Icebound Battleground spawn near the front close to the zombies. (MGP)

140. Stunion and Rotobaga don't match the art style of pvz2 o-O (MGP)

141. How can you plant plants on solid ICE? (MGP)

142. Also, ice is immortal! (NP)

143. Rotobaga can hit zombies offscreen O-o (MGP)

144. Weasel Hoarder made the female zombie statement CENTURIES before Bikini Zombie. (MGP)

145. Fire Peashooter's name and effect are even more original than the Pea-nut's! (MGP)

146. Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC's name is too bad*** of a name for this easy boss fight. It should be Zombot Tuskscrub 2 BC. (MGP)

147: The Zombot Tuskmaster 10000 B.C. just allows the plants to beat it up once it's ice shelf has been melted. (TZM)

148. The Zombot is only a fraction of a mammoth. (TZM)

149. There are NO plants to stun/counteract this boss's attacks. (Boosted Magnet-shroom, Tangle Kelp, and Plant Food for the others) (TZM)

150. The only other instants that can defeat Dodos are the ones that will probably be wasted on another zombie, fiery instants, and Hurrikale. (Pizzachu)

151. Sliders are just pieces of melting ice that tell the zombies where to move, but they can't be fully melted. WTF! (Pizzachu)

152. The first phase of the boss battle is tough as heck, then the second and third are literally no challenge whatsoever. I mean, seriously, I beat the third phase in 20 seconds! (P7)

153. Also, that outfit is soooo 10,000 BC. (MGP)

154. Seriously, how do you freeze a rock with wind? (MGP)

155. House in Frostbite Caves rips of the Flintstones. (MGP)

156. Nobody knew the time that this age took place in until the Zomboss fight. (MGP)

157. Rotobaga can't get nutrients from the water in the Zen Garden. I mean, she's floating right above the pot. How does that work? (MGP)

158. Save Our Seeds level with Gargs can throw Imps RIGHT ONTO the endagered plants. (MGP)

159. Stunion and Rotobga has nothing to with the Ice aAge or warming plants. (MGP)

160. Why doesn't Rotobaga get blown away by the winds? This game is unrealistic. (MGP)

161. PopCap decided to make a plant based off of a plant that nobody knows about. (Chard Guard) (MGP)

162. Twice. (Rotobaga) (MGP)

163. Why are there ambushes without zombies? This game is called "Plants vs. Zombies 2", not plants vs. wind o-o (MGP)

164. How can Rotobaga puff out rutabagas when she doesn't even have a nose? (NP)

165. How come we can't blow wind away with Blover or Hurrikale? (NP)

166. Weasels can spawn without Weasel Hoarders in the boss fight. (Miles)

167. The boss has no two-lane charge attack or equivalent. The freezing winds down two lanes doesn't count as it doesn't kill, or even completely disable the plants. (Miles)

168. As if Icebound Battleground wasn't hard enough, Weasel Hoarders appear in much larger numbers and far earlier than Chicken Wranglers in Big Bad Butte. (Miles)

169. There's a glitch with Troglobites where they get stuck offscreen in Icebound Battleground. (Miles)

170. Also, this was found in the soft release, but didn't get fixed for the official release, defeating the purpose of a soft release. (Miles)

171. Day 23 doesn't have the Braniac Maniac music.

172. Troglobite can push ice blocks that are behind him. (Master)

173. Freezing winds can make the way for weasels in Icebound Battleground. (Master)

174. In Icebound Battleground, there are no free Power Flames. (Master)

175. Zombot can't refill damaged ice blocks. (Master)

176. Weasels and Yeti Imps can't spawn from rightmost ice blocks in zomboss battle. (Master)

177. There are no snowstorms in Icebound Battleground. (Master)

178. Power Snow is disabled in Frostbite Caves. (TGM)

179. Power Flame sucks player's coins like nobody's business. (TGM)

180. In the Part 2 teaser, HOW DID the weasels pop over a FLYING Dodo Zombie? (John)

181. Even more zombies that don't slip! 


182. Weasel Hoarder

183. Ice Weasel

184. Weasel Hoarder's wood doesn't give extra defense. (Lily)

185. Neither Weasel Hoarder nor Ice Weasel have the word "Zombie" in their name.

186. There is a lack of objective lack

187. EA.

FC-Sin Tally1

Similarities to BWB and Cloned Features Bonus Round:

Power Flame -> Power Zap (+1)

Snowstorm -> Sandstorm (+2)

Hot Potato -> Grave Buster (+3)

Pepper-pult -> Cabbage-pult or Melon-pult (+5)

Chard Guard -> Spring Bean (+10)

Hurrikale -> Blover (+15)

Fire Peashooter -> Peashooter and Torchwood (+20)

Stunion -> Chili Bean (+25)

Rotobaga -> Starfruit (+30)

Blockhead -> Knight (+35)

Dodo -> Seagull (+40)

Hunter -> Wizard (+45)

Troglobite -> Barrel Roller or Mecha-Football (+50)

Weasel Hoarder -> Chicken Wrangler (+60)

Ice Weasel -> Chicken (+75)

Both Day 13s are objective levels (+100)

Both Day 12s are Last Stands (+125)

New plants are introduced on Days 1, 6, 11, and 19 (+150 * 2 * 3 * 4)

Days 3, 5, 10, 18, and 21 are Conveyor Belt levels (+175 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5)

Days 6, 11, and 19 force the player to survive with most of the plants picked for them (+200 * 2 * 3)

Day 14 is a Locked and Loaded (+250)

Day 15 is a SOS (+300)

Day 16 is the mini-boss (+400)

Mystery Gift Boxes are given on Days 4, 8, 12, 14, 17, and 22. (+500 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5)

Endless Zone is unlocked on Day 20 (+600)

Day 8 is a world-exclusive Brain Buster (+750)

The second to last day is a Locked and Loaded. (+1000)

There are three SOS levels. (+1250)

There are six SD levels. (+1500)

There are only 5 new plants. (+1750)

A new zombie is introduced on Day 22. (+2000)

FC-Sin Tally2

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