Everything Wrong With

Frostbite Caves2

In X Minutes Or Less



1. World called Frostbite Caves doesn't have anything to do with caves.

2. How does Crazy Dave survive the extremely cold temperature with no jacket?

3. If this is the Ice Age, in the background of levels, why isn't the WHOLE land covered in snow?

4. In the background in the plant selection screen, how the heck did the zombies or whatever carry the mammoth tusk and get it to point up?

5. Also, I'm pretty sure you can't attach a mammoth tusk to a stone wall like that.

6. Why the f**k are the lawn mowers beavers? Did the producers not know that beavers can't survive the cold?

7. Also, why do they have spikes all over their tail and back?

8. The ice sliders are actually very dangerous in real life. You would fall into the water below.

9. Also, by the shape of the slider, the zombies would not be able to move in the direction of the slider. They would tilt the slider into the water.

10. How do the cave zombies just pass through the frozen plants?

11. Fillies and gentlecolts, I mean ladies and gentlemen, here's the Snowstorm ambush, a rip-off of the Sandstorm ambush from Ancient Egypt.

12. Also, the ambush is introduced quite late.

13. Game makes the music sound stupid in this world.

14. Game makes the "You've completed the level" tune sound stupid in this world.

15. Did the producers not know frozen plants would die?

16. How is a Hurrikale able to play instruments, as stated in its Almanac Entry?

17. The zombies don't even slip, despite it ice being very slippery? 1 sin for every zombie that doesn't.

26. Where did the Cave Zombies get the cones?

27. And the buckets?

28. Even in the video game world, the zombies would probably have some snow on them. 1 sin for every zombie that doesn't.

37. If an ice block that big were melted, it would create a lot more water than what the game shows.

38. Those zombies completely stuck in those ice blocks are DEAD.

39. It would take longer than a minute for a plant to freeze in the real-life Ice Age.

40. Snowballs are the worst weapon for hunting.

41. Also, snowballs can't directly freeze plants.

42. In the Hunter Zombie's Almanac Entry, I don't believe there are any thrift stores back in the Ice Age.

43. So, ice has the same amount of health as an Imp Cannon?

44. How are the peppers from a Pepper-pult enough to warm plants?

45. A direct hit from a fiery pepper deals 5 times more damage than its splash.

46. How can the peppers from the Pepper-pult's Plant Food upgrade explode into mini peppers? That would mean there would peppers inside peppers.

47. Jester Zombies can't deflect Peppers.

48. A dodo is able to walk with a 15 pound Imp on its back.

49. A dodo is able to fly with a 15 pound Imp on its back.

50. The Imp and the Dodo share the same bone.

51. Taxes are stated in the Dodo Zombie's Almanac Entry. There was no such f**king thing as taxes back in the Ice Age.

52. The Almanac Entry is wrong with speeds and recharges 3 freaking times! (Hurrikale, Hunter Zombie, Dodo Rider Zombie)

55. This world really has no world-exclusive Brain Buster.

56. The endangered plants in Day 15 aren't in the same column of symmetrical.

57. The Save Our Seeds level isn't hard in this level.

58. Like BWB, this world has too many Special Delivery levels.

59. How does an ice block have the same health as a knight helm?

60. If you had your head in a glacial stream for that long, Blockhead Zombie, you would drown.

61. Also, a Cave Zombie would suffocate if its head was an ice block.

62. Also, if it was 0 degrees F outside, how would there be a stream for the Cave Zombie to fall into?

63. At least, that's his story and he's sticking to it.

64. How does an Blockhead Zombie eat if its head is improsined in an ice block?

65. According to physics, when a Chard Guard flings a zombie, it would fling it behind himself, but nope.

66. Also, how is a small plant able to fling a 500 pound Gargantuar?

67. A Gargantuar would definitely crush the slider if stepped on.

68. Sloths can't survive the Ice Age either.

69. Also, the Gargantuar appears before the mini-boss level.

70. Also, a sloth moves slow, but a Sloth Gargantuar moves fast.

71. Also, how does the Gargantuar reach all the way to get the backmost Imp? It's kind of impossible.

72. Are the levels in this world really the same as BWB?