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Winter Melon: Cabbage pult 74

Spikeweed: RandomzSunfish23901


1st- Citron: Epicstarfruit299

2nd- Snow Pea: Menecis1513

3rd- Squash: Smoking.spikerock

4th- Repeater: ZombiElvis

5th- Homing Thistle: Dat Plant Who Destroys

6th-  Kernel-pult: IMCR8Z

7th- Wall-nut: CaveStoryKing64

8th- Imitater: Thezombiemelon

9th- Lightning Reed: ThePvZDude

10th- Twin Sunflower: Gmanpizza

11th- Torchwood: Pizzachu

12th- Chomper: GrantVsZombies

13th- Sunflower: Ninja Penguins

14th- Magnet-shroom: ThePlanter556

15th- Bloomerang: Me

16th- Ghost Pepper: Revern

17th- Power Lily: HeavenlyMildCone

18th- Marigold: XEON

19th- Melon-pult: LazerBean203

20th- Peashooter: TheGreenGamer

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