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TDPAS Teams!!!

Bloomerang: Flipfan (Villain)

12th/13th: Stunion: HeavenlyMildCone (Hero)

13th/12th: Rotobaga: HeavenlyMildCone (Hero)

4th: Sunflower: TheGreenGamer (Hero)

8th: Peashooter: TheGreenGamer (Hero)

9th: Melon-pult: The Zombie O.O (Villain)

5th: Bonk Choy: Poopspyro7 (Villain)

10th: Cabbage-pult: Cabbage pult 74 (Hero)

7th: Marigold: OverratedShyGuyII (Hero)

Ghost Pepper: Revern (Villain)

Winter Melon: EMPeachy4 (Villain)

Magnet-shroom: Plants vs Zomboss (Villain)

Dandelion: HeavenlyMildCone (Hero)

Bowling Bulbs: RandomzSunfish23901 (Hero)

11th: Carrot Missile Truck: Poopspyro7 (Villain)

6th: Sun-shroom: OverratedShyGuyII (Hero)

Plantern: Cabbage pult 74 (Villain)

Puff-shroom: NightFury299 (Hero)

3rd: Tile Turnip: Thediamondtree (Hero)

2nd: Artislash: RandomzSunfish23901 (Villain)

1st: Infi-nut: Thediamondtree (Villain)

Tea Leaf: HeavenlyMildCone (Hero)

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