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AFlippinFan September 26, 2015 User blog:AFlippinFan

Here is a confessional blog, where you confess what PvZAS plants would do in PvZ2!

I'll Start!

Coconut Sniper (now known as Cocosnipe)


200 Sun

Launches coconut milk at zombies.

Damage: 22.5 (7.5 splash damage)

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Splash damage: 2x3

Plant Food: Launches 5 milk sprays across screen

Tropical Cannon 

Tropical Cannon

600 Sun

Launches coconut rockets with the same animation as the Carrot Missile.

Damage: 90 (30 splash damage)

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Splash damage: 3x3

Plant Food: Launches a huge rocket (180 damage) at the toughest zombie on screen

Frostbolt Shooter (now known as Icicle Pea)

Icicle Pea

350 Sun

Shoots frozen arrows which can hit three zombies at a time! Tubular!

Damage: 1.5

Plant Food: Shoots 10 huge arrows across the screen

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