Bloomerang was born in Australia with no parents but 1 cousin at the age of 3 as an unusual kid, but 16 years later, he travelled to America to compete in Total Drama Plant Island. This is his first venture in the Temple of DOOM.

Bloomerang: Boy, it sure is hot in Australia.

Huh? A pyramid?

(Temple Of Doom shows)

Bloomerang: Should we go in?

Frisbee: NO.

Bloomerang: We're goin' in.

Walking to it.


Bloomerang: Frisbee? :(

He's gone.

(runs out)

Bloomerang: That doom part stands up to it's name. There was swinging axes and robot animals and even a nuclear cucumber!!!

I might wanna come back with a team before I go back in.

And so he did. 

But that story is too long, so we just turned it into episodes.