Bloomerang: Hey! There's a guy over there!

(runs to ???)

???: Hey.

Bloomerang: Who are you?

???: I am Cabbage-pult, travelling salesman.

Bloomerang: I need your help. You see, there's this temple over there...

Cabbage-pult The Travelling Salesman: The Temple Of DOOM?

No one has ever made it out of there alive! At the end, there's 5 item slots. They require a boomerang, a pult hand, a flower hand, a pea shooter hand, and a leaf of a blover!

Bloomerang: Then we should find people like that.

Cabbage-pult: You're the bravest person I've ever met. Please, have a free item.

Bloomerang: Hmm.. (looks over pile of stuff) Maybe some plant food for the trip and a RFM-K767.

Cabbage-pult: Good choice. The RFM-K767 can shoot 4 bullets at a time.

Bloomerang: Now I know why people buy them. My cousin Frisbee has one of them.

Too bad he dissapeared when I entered the temple.

Cabbage-pult: That's because he does not have a special birthmark. Let me see the top of your head.

Hmmm...found it! It's shaped like the five slots!

Bloomerang: I see one on your head, too!

Cabbage-pult: That birthmark is special. Only ones with it can enter the Temple. Others are vanished into  space orbit until a close one comes out alive.