Okay first off, i dont know if this should be a page because i really wanted it to be but I DONT KNOW.

Also if the models have Blurryness. Not my problem. blame the assets.

This is for everyone to use for people to download it or add to this if you have a flash puppet/model

8-Bit Zombie:

Eighties Zombie:

Contains alot of things

Snorkel Zombie:

Contains 4 sets different hands. and alot of flipper feet.

and 2 boned arms.

...AHEM. nothing special.

Pilot: Contains hanging pilot and standing pilot. *Eighties zombie not included.*

MC Zom-B and Rap 


Simply Contains a MC Zom-B and Rap Screen.

You know, the usual. After a Hiatus. i finially made 3 more. Boombox Zombie Breakdancer Zombie Glitter Zombie Punk Zombie Arcade Zombie + Arcade Cabinets