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  • I am Call me a female and i'll punch you through this...uh i don't even know where i'm going with this joke with this profile pic now to be quite honest.

    This will ONLY make sense if you saw this:

    Idk why i'm making this. just plan for this to be different in the future.

    |zombie2 = |note2 = spawns at 7th column, 3rd row |zombie3 = |zombie4 = |zombie5 = |note5 = spawns at 6th column, 2nd and 4th row and a spawns at the 9th column, 1st row. And Parachute Rain! |ambush5 = |zombie6 = |zombie7 = |note7 = spawns at 5th column, 4th and 5th row and a spawns at the 8th column, 3rd row. And Parachute Rain! |ambush7 = |zombie8 = |note8 = spawns at 7th column, 2nd row and a spawns at the 4th column, 4th row. |zombie9 = |zombie10 = |note10 = Final wave, 5 spawn on all rows in the 4th column. And a Ankylosaurus Spawns on the 3rd row. And Parachute Rain! |…

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    As i have gotten a warning for insulting when i knew golddmann was gonna talk crap about grapeshot and i didn't want that to get to me. i said "shut up golddmann i am just warning you in advance" i wasn't trying to insult

    Well obviously if i gotten a warning.

    I'm no good for this wiki at the moment. so i don't deserve to be here for a good while.

    This warning is gonna haunt me for a while.

    so i'm leaving for a bit.

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    IDK why i'm doing this but request if you please.

    if you want a certain zombie or plant i'll make it for the animation.

    but it won't be as fast as the ones i have already made.

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    Okay first off, i dont know if this should be a page because i really wanted it to be but I DONT KNOW.

    Also if the models have Blurryness. Not my problem. blame the assets.

    This is for everyone to use for people to download it or add to this if you have a flash puppet/model

    8-Bit Zombie:

    Eighties Zombie:

    Contains alot of things

    Snorkel Zombie:

    Contains 4 sets different hands. and alot of flipper feet.

    and 2 boned arms.

    ...AHEM. nothing special.


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    The Ideas i want to see in PVZ2


    Every 100th Level A Dr.Zomboss Level

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