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New 9th World Prehistoric Ages

744442 May 22, 2015 User blog:744442

New World for PvZ2


New Prehistoric Ages


  1. Iron Oak
  2. Ball Cactus
  3. Rafflesia
  4. Four-leaf Blover
  5. Old Stump
  6. Iceberg Cabbage
  7. Lizzar Grass
  8. Dropet Shooter


  1. Primitive Zombie
  2. Primitive Conehead Zombie
  3. Primitive Buckethead Zombie
  4. Primitive Flag Zombie
  5. Slingshot Zombie
  6. Club Zombie
  7. Beehive Zombie
  8. Shaman Zombie
  9. Bird Rider Zombie
  10. Snail Rider Imp
  11. Primitive Snail Zombie
  12. Stone Carrier Gargantuar
  13. Mammoth Rider Zombie

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