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This blog post may not be noticed, but I will write it anyways.

So User:Someone456 has brought up to everyone's attention that some levels are different from the PC/Mobile versions of the game to Nintendo versions.

I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I am proposing a template to be placed on the top of every levels page in PVZ 1 only.

Primary version Nintendo DS version

  • If there ISN'T a DS Version or Previous Version, there will be redirect pages leading to the original page (Since that is the DS Version and there is no Previous Version).
  • If there IS a DS Version, a new page will be under the tabs when the page is clicked, with the same infobox and layout of the page, except with new information.
  • If there IS a Previous Version and it was nerfed today, a new page will be under the tabs when the page is clicked, except a page will have the infobox, the labels ==1st version (Original Version)==, ==2nd Version==, etc. with bullet points of the differences.

What do you think? I will be implementing this for Level 3-5 as an example.

Note: To show your stance, please type {{Support|reason}}, {{Neutral|reason}} or {{Oppose|reason}}. The reason must be stated behind the | in order to not be disqualified. You must have been on the wiki for two weeks and have made 25 mainspace edits to vote.

-3primetime3- (talk)

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