Hello all administrators,

Someone456 gave me temporary administrators rights to add in the following clock onto Common.js after mixing things up. Don't worry, I demoted myself! Does the clock look good? However, I removed some coding which do not cooperate with the clock.

The missing code can be seen here. Based on the coding, I can see that some of this corresponds with the Wikia Activity, with renaming MignightHawk to MidnightHawk and some inactivity items.

Does anyone know how to safely incorporate the codes so that they can work with the clock? Or is the extra coding needed? If so, change it how you need to.

New Things after the Change

  • The clock is enabled.
  • Administrators now have two one-click delete-page button named "spam" and "vandal" on the top of each page. Clicking on these will instantly delete a page with the reason for deletion already there. Don't worry, it's easy to revert the deletion back if it is by accident!
  • All anonymous IP's "Wikia Contributor" will be shown.

-3primetime3- (talk) 08:37, July 28, 2014 (UTC)