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Extra Ideas - Should we use them?

Hey everyone,

Yeah, like other users, I have extra ideas that could be used to implement on this wiki. However, as I am currently an unimportant user, maybe these will get ignored or unnoticed. But who knows? They might be good ideas later on in the future.

A few new templates

I am implementing the following templates on this wiki. I directly took these from Candy Crush Saga Wiki, which I believe was taken from Wikipedia. Experiment with them in the comments section below if you want to! Active administrators, if you don't like the templates, you may delete them immediately.


Template:tick can be used to indicate a checkmark of some type (No DUH).



Template:Done can be used to say that something is already finished. Instead of writing "Already Finished," a person can write {{Done}} to show that it is completed. This template is the mostly used on CCSW.

YesY Done


Template:Cross can be used to indicate that something is wrong.

X mark svg.pngN


If you agree with something, you can use this template. This is one of the more commonly used templates on CCSW.

50px-Thumbs-up-icon Support


If you do not agree with something, you can use this template. This is one of the more commonly used templates on CCSW.

50px-Thumbs-down-icon Oppose


If you neither disagree or agree with something, you use this template.

50px-Sort-neutral Neutral


People use this to see if other users agree with them. For example, do you users think that this template should be implemented?

Note: In order to be able to vote on mainspace related voting threads, you need at least 25 mainspace edits and you must have been on the wiki for two weeks. For any other topic, you must have been on the wiki for four weeks. If you do not follow these rules your vote will be disqualified. If you do it repeatedly, you will be given a forum warning. Thank you.
To show your stance, please type {{Support|reason}, {{Neutral|reason}}, or {{Oppose|reason}}. The reason must be stated behind the | in order to not be disqualified.

Administrators, if you find this insulting in any way, feel free to remove the templates without any consent.

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