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Recently, I have figured out that levels for iPad, Nintendo, and computer, etc. have all been the same. I am suggesting whether or not we should start writing levels pages reflecting each game. The only problem is that this wiki covers more than one game, so it may get confusing. However, it will clean up all of the messy walkthrough pages and maybe some of the gallery pages. It will also add more detail for each level type the can attract users for coming onto this wiki when they are stuck on a particular level.

The title of the page could go like, Ancient Egypt - Day 8. We would automatically know that this game comes from Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's about Time. Therefore, I am only suggesting if we should do this. It's not a command or anything. An example page of what I am writing about about is below. Do you think it should be used? Please use {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Oppose}} in the comments section:

Ancient Egypt - Day 8

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Ancient Egypt Day 8
Location Unknown
Type Regular
Flags One
Difficulty Unknown
Plants Zombies
First time {{{FR}}}
Replaying A money bag
Objective 1 Survive a massive attack in Ancient Egypt
Objective 2 Survive without any lawn movers
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Greetings, Temporal Commuters,
Special couriers have been dispatched to retrieve your brains.
Please have your release forms signed before their arrival.
Regards, Dr. Edgar Zomboss.

Level 1-8 is the eighth level in Ancient Egypt and the second Special Delivery level in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. To complete this level, you must survive a massive attack on Egypt without any lawn mowers. When you are finished with this level for the first time, a World Key will be dropped, which can be used to unlock the next world.


  • It may be really difficult to survive this level without any lawn mowers, especially with Mummified Gargantuars (which take in 150 peas of damage before dying).
  • The player cannot choose his/her own plants. Instead, he/she is given the plants through a conveyor belt; they are the Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Cabbage-pult, Bloomerang, and Iceberg Lettuce.
    • Therefore, you are limited to what plants you can use to defend the zombies. But on the other hand, Sunflowers are not needed since plants on conveyor belt levels are free.


Stage 1: Beginning Stages

  • This stage begins when the "Ready, Set, Plant" sign disappears. Use only one offensive plant to kill the few zombies coming from the right side: they could be the potato mine, cabbage-pult, or the bloomerang. Save the Iceberg Lettuce and Wall-nuts for later. Soon enough, you should have at least two columns of offensive plants before the first big wave of zombies approaches.
    • Try to have at least one bloomerang and one cabbage-pult on each column for increased efficiency.
  • Plant a Wall-nut only if a zombie or two comes close to your defenses.

Stage 2: Intermediate Stages

  • This stage begins when the first mummified gargantuar comes to the screen. By now, you should have at least three columns of plants. Plant as many unused plants on the column to damage and slow down the gargantuar from coming all the way. It is now time to plant an iceberg lettuce on the row of the garguantar (if you have plant food, use it to freeze all zombies on the screen for a few second so you can concentrate on the garguantar). If the garguantar breaks out of its frozen shell, repeat until you have no more left. The first gargantuar will die, and the level should continue to be at its easy difficulty.
  • If you have no more iceberg lettuces, use any regular plant you have to stall the zombie. It takes about 1.5-2 seconds for the gargantuar to crush a plant. You should get an iceberg lettuce pretty soon.
    • While the Gargantuar is frozen, you can plant a potato mine near it. Once the Gargantuar unfreezes, you can take out 75 of its health.
  • Don't worry about its imp. The gargantuar does not throw it far in the game.

Stage 3: Final Stages

  • This stage begins at the final wave. It is most likely that one ore two garguantar zombies will come out to the screen. That is your main concern - not the other zombies that come. Your defenses should be able to take care of them easily. Use the same strategy you had for stage 2 twice (at the same time) to kill the gargantuars. It may be more difficult this time, but with correct planning, you can pass the level.
  • Collect your World Key or 50 coins to pass the level.


  • Mummified Gargantuars are first introduced in this level.
  • There is a little conversation between Crazy Dave and Penny before the level starts.
  • There seems to be a previous version where it used to be another zombie level. After a few updates, it has been changed to the current level.


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Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Ancient Egypt - Day 8 (Gargantuar) PvZ 2 Walkthrough


The following walkthrough is a previous version of level 1-8.

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