• 333-blue

    You will see something interesting by doing options below:

    1. Wait until the second flag, you should have 1 flower pot and squashes.
    2. Plant a flower pot on the 9th column, then a squash.
    3. When a Gargantuar comes, the squash will squash it and it will throw its imp in the 6th column (only if it just enter the roof, though).
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  • 333-blue

    6 Things: Giga-gargantuar

    December 19, 2015 by 333-blue
    1. It has 300 health on most versions.
    2. It takes about 3–4 instants before you kill it.
    3. It has the red eyes.
    4. It has its mini form.
    5. The giga form of Gargantuar.
    6. Some versions = Infinite health.
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  • 333-blue


    September 6, 2015 by 333-blue

    I got a very good strategy, but when I play the 20th flag, no gigas, but next flag (the flag with gigas), I can't kill them with 4 Cattails and 8 cobs, only a lawn mower can kill it (it means you can never win over this 21th flag).

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