Editors of this wiki measure plant damage using "normal damage shots" and plant health using "bites." While these are good approximations of the real thing, that's all they are - approximations. Nothing beats the real thing. This post will attempt to explain that and what really goes on behind the scenes.

In the game, damage and health is measured in a different unit, which I'll just call HP (hitpoint). One pea deals exactly 20 HP worth of damage. Throughout the article, damage will be in this unit. Basic zombies have 270 HP; most plants have 300 HP.

But you'll say: "Wait a minute... If zombies have 270 HP, isn't that 13.5 NDS!? You are WRONG! Basic Zombies only have 180/181/200 (9/9.25/10 peas)!" Nope, I am not wrong. Zombies have 270 HP, this is absolutely correct. However, they reach a critical point once they lose 2/3 of their HP. This is a point past which any attack will decapitate (but not kill) the zombie.

A decapitated zombie is not truly dead as far as the game is concerned; however they will rapidly and automatically lose HP until they are truly dead. This is why plants still target decapitated zombies and their bodies still absorb projectiles for about a second. Some zombies (mainly Gargantuars and FF machined zombies) have a critical point of zero. This why their headless bodies absorb no extra shots. This is why Bug Bot Imp appears to have more health than other Imps.

Furthermore, zombie attacks (mostly biting) are measured in DPS (damage per second) rather than "bites." Almost all zombies have 100 DPS; that is it will eat a normal plant in 3 seconds, a Wall-nut (4000 HP) in 40 seconds, etc. Two zombies munching on a plant simply double the DPS, ie: two zombies will eat a full-health Wall-nut in 20 seconds. This greatly simplifies calculations and frees you from counting how many bites a plant has received.


HP: 300
PF: Generates 150 sun
Sun production rate: ~24s


HP: 300
Attack rate: ~1.4s
Damage: 20
PF: Shoots 60 peas


HP: 4000
PF: Gains a shield with 8000 HP
Special: Can receive First Aid

Potato Mine2

Potato Mine
HP: 300
Damage: 1800
PF: Instantly activates Potato Mine, and creates two activated copies of itself on random tiles
Special: Is not triggered by flying zombies
Special: Is an underground plant (cannot be planted on planks and Lily Pads)


HP: 300
Damage: 20 (each hit)
Attack rate: ~2.9s
PF: Shoots ten boomerangs up, down, left, and right
Special: Boomerangs can hit up to three zombies
Special: Boomerangs deal damage (20) when returning


HP: 300
Damage: 40
Attack rate: ~2.9s
PF: Shoots mega-cabbages (200 HP) on all zombies on screen

Iceberg Lettuce2

Iceberg Lettuce
HP: 300
Damage: 0
PF: Freezes every zombie on screen for 12 seconds
Special: Freezes zombie for 10 seconds

Grave Buster2

Grave Buster
HP: 300
Special: Eats graves in 4s

Bonk Choy2

Bonk Choy
HP: 300
Damage: 15
Attack rate: ~0.33s
PF: Deals 60 damage every 0.1s to every zombie in 3x3 area; for a total damage of 1500
Special: Uppercut instantly kills zombies


HP: 300
Damage: 20 (per pea)
Attack rate: ~1.4s (two peas)
PF: Shoots 90 peas plus one GiantPea (600 damage)

Twin Sunflower2

Twin Sunflower
HP: 300
PF: Generates 250 sun
Sun production rate: ~24s (100 sun)


For zombies, I also included a "Perceived HP" stat, which is how much HP they appear to have (ie: how much damage they take before they get to the point where they lose their heads).

Basic Zombie2

Basic Zombie
HP: 270
Perceived HP: 181
DPS: 100
Speed: 0.185

Conehead Zombie2

Conehead Zombie
HP: 370 (cone); 270 (zombie)
Perceived HP: 551
DPS: 100
Speed: 0.185

Buckethead ZombiePVZ2

Buckethead Zombie
HP: 1100 (bucket); 270 (zombie)
Perceived HP: 1281
DPS: 100
Speed: 0.185


HP: 270
Perceived HP: 181
DPS: 100
Speed: 0.22

PVZIAT Gargantuar

HP: 3600
Perceived HP: 3600
Speed: 0.24
Special: Releases Imp when health reaches 1800