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1Zulu August 7, 2015 User blog:1Zulu

Here is a collection of what I think how the new stuff will work based on my hacking of the files:

New Plants

Phat Beet

Minipkt beet
  • 150 sun cost
  • Fast recharge
  • Unlocked after NMT Level 1
  • 15 damage (0.75 NDS) normal attack;
  • 45 damage (2.25 NDS) powerful attack
    • One in every 4 to 6 attacks is a "powerful" attack
    • Attacks every second (?)
    • 3x3 attack radius (approx)
  • PF attack:
    • 200 damage (20 NDS) in ~5x5 radius
    • 400 damage (40 NDS) in ~3x3 radius (stackable with above for 600 total damage in inner radius)
  • Zen Garden: 1h first growth, 4h second growth

Celery Stalker

Minipkt celery
  • 50 sun cost
  • Mediocre recharge
  • Unlocked after NMT Level 5
  • 1200.0 Health (30% of a Wall-nut)
  • Doles out 100 damage (5 NDS) every 0.5 second
    • Two degrades; may deal less damage in degraded forms
  • PF effect: Spawns 3 copies of itself
  • Zen Garden: 1h30m first growth; 6h second growth

Thyme Warp

Minipkt thyme
  • 75 sun cost
  • Slow Recharge
  • Unlocked after NMT Level 9
  • Area: Full board
  • Single-use, instant
  • NMT exclusive plant

Electric Blueberry

Minipkt blueberry
  • 150 sun cost
  • Very Slow recharge
  • Premium plant with unknown cost.
    • Unknown if money premium or gemium
  • Attacks may randomly electrocute zombie
    • Possibly 50/50 chance of electrocution
    • Electrocution is an instant-kill - even against Gargantuars
    • Attacks once every 12 seconds
  • PF effect: similar to Lightning Reed, but kills three zombies instead
  • Zen Garden: 1h30m first growth; 6h second growth

New Zombies

Neon Zombies (Basic Trio & Flag):

  • Pretty much re-skins of regular zombies
  • May have a slight difference since it doesn't use the same class as all other Basics.
    • For example, Cowboy Zombie uses a different class compared to other Basic Zombies because it has a hat that is considered armor by the game.

Punk Zombie

Minizpkt punk
  • Speed: 0.23125
    • Hungry; between regular Gargantuar and Imp
  • Hitpoints: 350.0 (17.5) - actual health
    • Perceived health: ~233.33 (~11.67)
    • Same as Explorer Zombie and Turquoise Skull Zombie
  • Almanac description: Moshes plants back a space when his jam is playing.
    • Weakness: Magnet Shrooms (sic) pull off his head
  • JamStyle: jam_punk
  • First seen: NMT Level 2

MC Zom-B

Minizpkt mc
  • Speed: 0.23125
    • Hungry; between regular Gargantuar and Imp
  • Hitpoints: 350.0 (17.5) - actual health
    • Perceived health: ~233.33 (~11.67)
    • Same as Explorer Zombie and Turquoise Skull Zombie
  • Almanac description: Spins microphone to damage nearby plants when he's dropping his sick, sick rhymes.
  • JamStyle: jam_rap
  • First seen: NMT Level 10

Glitter Zombie

Minizpkt glitter
  • Speed: 0.19
    • Basic; a tiny bit faster than regular zombie
  • Hitpoints: 700.0 (35) - actual health
    • Perceived health: ~466.67 (~23.33)
    • Same as Wizard Zombie
  • Almanac description: Trails glamorous rainbows that protect zombies behind her when she's feeling the beat.
  • JamStyle: jam_pop
  • First seen: NMT Level 6


Minizpkt impunk
  • Identical to other Imps
  • First seen: NMT Level 12

Hair Metal Gargantuar

Minizpkt 80s garg
  • Identical to other Gargantuars, but has a "ShockWave" attack
    • ShockWave deals 1000 damage (1/4 of a Wall-nut); instantly kills all non-defensive plants
    • Almanac note: bashes sonic blast when metal music plays
  • JamStyle: jam_metal
  • First seen: NMT Level 12

The JamStyle stuff is tied to the MusicalJams mechanic present in NMT levels. In addition to triggering special abilities in certain zombies, it appears to have a slowdown or speed up effects on zombies:

"JamsToZombieConditionApplied": {
    "jam_ballad": "speeddown4",
    "jam_pop": "speeddown1",
    "jam_metal": "speedup1",
    "jam_punk": "speedup2",
    "jam_rap": "none",
    "jam_8bit": "none"

There is also a zombie codenamed "eighties_boombox" which seems to be in early development.

NMT Levels

  • 1: Standard level
    • Reward: phatbeet
  • 2: Standard level
    • Pre-selected plants: phatbeet
    • One frozen phatbeet
    • Zombies: punk
  • 3: Conveyor belt level
    • Plants: cactus, phatbeet
    • Zombies: punk
  • 4: Standard level
    • Pre-selected Plants: phatbeet, sunflower, wallnut, spikeweed
    • Zombies: punk
  • 5: Save our Seeds level
    • Endangered plants: 2 wallnuts BEHIND 2 phatbeets (6th and 7th columns on top and bottom rows)
    • Zombies: punk
    • Reward: celerystalker
  • 6: Conveyor belt level
    • Plants: celerystalker, fumeshroom, phatbeet
    • Zombies: punk, glitter
  • 7: Standard level
    • Pre-selected Plants: celerystalker, magnetshroom
    • Zombies: punk, glitter
  • 8: Standard level
    • Zombies: punk, glitter
  • 9: Locked and loaded level with objective
    • Plants: peashooter, phatbeet, celerystalker, iceburg, stunion
    • Objective: Produce 2000 sun.
    • 8th and 9th columns are filled with frozen sunflowers
    • Zombies: punk, glitter
    • Reward: thymewarp
  • 10: Conveyor belt level
    • Plants: celerystalker, thymewarp, spikerock
    • Zombies: punk, mc
  • 11: Standard level
  • 12: Standard level
    • Zombies: punk, mc, glitter, imp, gargantuar
    • Reward: giftbox
  • 13: Last Stand level with 2000 starting sun.
    • Blacklisted plants: all sun-producing plants, all zero-sun plants, and Melon-pult.
    • Zombies: punk, mc, glitter
  • 14: Locked and Loaded level with sunflower, cactus and potatomine.
    • Reward: giftbox
  • 15: Save Our Seeds level with a full column of pre-planted phatbeets (fifth column);
    • Oddly it looks like only two of them are endangered
  • 16: Gargantuar battle. Conveyor belt level
    • Plants: phatbeet
    • Zombies: basic trio (No Garg - ???)

Every level has the basic trio. From the looks of it, many of the later levels are unfinished.


RTONs and Stuff

Extracted and converted RTONs and LawnStrings.txt from 3.9.1.

391props.7z (314 KB)

Includes 3.8.1 files for comparison. Read the README for instructions on how to compare.

Sound Assets

Extracted sound assets from 3.9.1 iPhone beta RSB:

  • Plants: phatbeet, celerystalker, thymewarp, and electricblueberry
  • Zombies: eighties_punk, eighties_glitter, eighties_mc, eighties_gargantuar

eighties_soundbanks.7z (4.5 MB)

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