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4.1.1 Initial Info

1Zulu September 25, 2015 User blog:1Zulu


20 damage = 1 pea


  • Sun cost: 225
  • Recharge: 20s
  • Tap and hold damage: 300 per second
  • Almanac info:
    • Damage: Heavy
    • Range: 3 Tiles
    • Recharge: Sluggish
  • Premium: Probably a limited-edition plant for Halloween. $6.99 money premium for now.

This is probably a Fire Gourd clone (Chinese version)


  • Sun cost: 150
  • Recharge: 35s
  • Damage: 1800
  • Grape projectile damage: 200
    • Projectile bounces against up to 5 enemies
  • Almanac info:
    • Damage: Massive
    • Area: 3x3
    • Recharge: Slow
  • Premium: Probably a MM Part 1 premium. $6.99 money premium for now.

I suspect some of the stuff here is a placeholder originating from the plant it's copied from - the Cherry Bomb. I doubt it will do Cherry Bomb damage in a 3x3 area and shoot grapes that do 200 damage for 150 sun


  • Sun cost: 125
  • Recharge: 5s
  • Primal Pea projectile damage: 100 + 1.0s stun
  • Primal Pea PF projectile damage: 150 + 100 splash dmg + 1.0s stun
  • Almanac info:
    • Damage: Normal
    • Range: Straight
    • Recharge: Fast

Looks like a buffed up Peashooter

These other plants seem to be in early development:


  • Sun cost: 50
  • Recharge: 20s
  • HP: 4000 (same as wallnut)
  • PF Shield HP: 8000 (same as wallnut)
  • Almanac info:
    • Toughness: High
    • Recharge: Sluggish

This is basically identical to wallnut, except it has a property called "SmashDamage" which is set to 1500. This property is only set on Gargantuars.


  • Sun cost: 150
  • Recharge: 5s
  • Damage: 30
    • Chill Duration: 10s
  • PF damage: 1200
    • PF Freeze Duration: 10s
  • Almanac info:
    • Damage: Moderate
    • Range: Close
    • Recharge: Fast
  • Premium: $6.99 money premium for now.

Lots of stuff copied from Snapdragon.


  • Sun cost: 0
  • Recharge: 35s
  • Almanac info:
    • Damage: Massive
    • Area: 3x3
    • Recharge: Slow

Properties also identical to Cherry Bomb's. Probably a placeholder.


As for the zombies, nothing interesting. Everything is a reskin and Dino Garg doesn't have anything special like Sloth/Prime/Hair Metal

dino_armor3 (the Triceratops Skull zombie) is an Knight/Blockhead clone (helm is worth 1600 points, same as the other ones)


Additionally there are two "Dino Creatures:" DinoRaptor and DinoStego (Stegosaurus). They all have default speed (0.185); and their almanac stats are the same as Basic Zombie (probably placeholders).

Perhaps the only interesting thing is a property in DinoStego called NumZombiesToFling, which is set to 3. Presumably this means it will fling zombies at you like the Imp Cannon

Dinos are not zombies internally (unlike Weasels and Chickens), they are "Creatures."

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