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May 11, 2011
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About me

Hi .

my name is Hitori Dakeno and i only focus on cobless strategies and that' what i always love

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anyway ~ i also love to make random videos about different strategies for Plants vs. Zombies so i hope you visit my youtube channel for more info about the strategy i use :) . have fun take care.

"The Best Way to navigate through a very dark room is by keeping your eyes closed."

    • under construction**
    • these list of videos are outdated because i had already made more and i was not able to update this profile**

NOTE: I never claim any of these Strategies to be mine because my aim is to share these strategies thru these videos and I hope these might help others create their own strategies. please don't steal the videos and if you own any of these strategies / setups please e-mail me at so that i can put your names in the descriptions of these videos. Thank you -Hitori

I, Zombie Endless

This is a playthrough for I, Zombie Endless from streak 1 to 100 and the aim of the video is to help others create their own strateges for I, Zombie Endless.

Note that I used the bungee trick in order to get more sun and to be able to show more formations and how I handle these formations.


It doesn't really bother me if you think it's fake or not but my aim is to show the strategies and not really the streak.

My Strategies for I, Zombie Endless focuses almost entirely on Coneheads and Diggers which explains why I would most likely use them eve if it is sometimes very sun consuming.

Vasebreaker Endless

This is a playthrough for Vasebreaker Endless which aims to show my strategy for Vasebreaker Endless and although this may not be as complete as anyone would possibly think ( 100 Streaks may seem a lot but with many more possible combinations for every 10 streaks then 100 Streaks isn't actually enough for me ). thumb|300px|right

The way I handle every round varies every 10 streaks because more Gargantuars may appear for every 10 streaks.

NOTE: at Streak 90-100 I get to have 9 Gargantuars and only 5 available squash which force me to make sure that at least one of those squash must hit at least two or even three Gargantuars.

No Plants?, No Problem. ( Survival Hard using only Instants )

These videos show strategies I use for Survival Hard Stages that use only Instants and I call it "No Plants?, No problem." Strategy because these videos show that it is possible to begin a round with an empty lawn and end it with an empty lawn for every round. thumb|300px|right
Although these Strategies may sometimes rely on luck. I can say that these strategies are doable and is sometimes very fun to use especially if you want some challenging stuff every now and then.

Survival Hard Instants Only Strategy

Almost the same as the "No Plants?, No Problem." Strategy but this time I don't remove the plants from previous rounds. definitely a much more easier version. thumb|300px|right
Roof ( Night)

Mini Games

This is also one of my Favorite parts of the Game. and here I show some of the most random strategies I tried out of randomness so I hope these strategies would help you create your own strategies .

Zombotany 2
Seeing Stars
Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick
Bobsled Bonanza
Pogo Party
Last Stand
Dr. Zomboss' Revenge

Survival Endless Strategies

I love experimenting different strategies but i NEVER claim these strategies to be mine or say that these strategies were executed perfectly.

but I hope these strategies could help others create their own strategies. I only play for fun and not for perfecting these strategies.

thumb|right|275px|My Favorite thumb|275px|right|22 Cob Cannons

Sunflower Power Series

Cob Cannon Strategies

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Random Guides

Totally Random


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