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Uplink Bot is a bot in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It attacks by firing a purple laser into the air, which calls in a devastating airstrike on enemies at long range. The area where the attack lands are marked by a purple beam of light right before the airstrike lands. It is the Zombie counterpart of the Bamboo Shoot. Its attack is named Orbital Bombardment, and deals 60 damage per explosion.

A variant of the Uplink Bot called Haunted Uplink Bot was created to celebrate the Lawn of Doom event.

A variant of the Uplink Bot called DJ Uplink was created and was available for purchase from Rux. It has increased health and damage, making it a direct upgrade to the normal Uplink Bot. Its attack is also different colors, although it has no effect on gameplay. Its attack is called Party Hammer and deals 80 damage.

Stickerbook description

Uplink Bot


Uplink Bot's here to call for backup. Exploding sky laser backup.

Haunted Uplink Bot



This Uplink Bot is haunted. That is a fact.

DJ Uplink


Better. Faster. Stronger. DJ Uplink has been upgraded to party harder.



  • The name it had in the beta was the "Orbital Bot," but was changed for unknown reasons.
  • There is a small microphone near its mouth.
  • The area where it will strike becomes highlighted with a faint purple glow.
  • Despite being robotic, this bot is not stunned for longer than usual by the Citron's EMPeach.
  • Because its attack is called Orbital Bombardment, the Zombies likely have some kind of spaceship or orbital platform (similar to the Butterhawk) capable of bombardment from orbit.
    • However, it is possible that the stream of purple energy that the Uplink Bot shoots into the sky is what comes down as the airstrike. This may have been the cause of this bot's name change.

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