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Unsiege Mentality
Unsiege Mentality Unsiege Mentality
Complete a roof level without using any catapult plants.

Difficulty: Hard

Unsiege Mentality is an achievement unlockable in the Nintendo DS version of Plants vs. Zombies. It requires the player to beat any Roof level without using lobbed-shot plants. This is the same requirement that the achievement Grounded has.

Unsiege Mentality2

Unsiege Mentality not achieved


For more strategies, see Grounded.

To get this achievement, play any Roof level, and do not use any lobbed-shot plants. Use peashooting plants (like Repeaters, Threepeaters, etc.) on the fourth column from the left or Fume-shrooms on any column, as its fumes can be shot over the slanted part and onto the flat part. Fume-shrooms sleep during the day, so make sure you wake up the Fume-shrooms with Coffee Beans.


  • The Cabbage-pult in the icon does not have a cabbage in its basket. The basket is also a different color, appearing to be a gray-ish color.
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