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Undead space Undead Space
Grow your pile of Zombies to outer space.
Undead space

Difficulty: Hard

Undead Space is an achievement that can be obtained on the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs. Zombies. In order to earn it, the player must kill 10,000 zombies or more and then scroll to the edge of space on the Leaderboards screen. The player can keep track of their kill count by going to the Leaderboards.


To earn the achievement, kill at least 10,000 zombies in any way. Your pile on the Leaderboards page accumulates as you kill the zombies. Once you kill 10,000 or more, the pile grows up to the edge of space.

Good choices

To check their pile, you must tap on the leaderboards icon on the main menu and scroll up on the pile or tap the top of the screen. You do not have to be signed into Game Center to see your score. Try playing those levels over again. You might have killed less zombies than you would have thought at first.

Note: Killing zombies in I, Zombie levels will not improve your zombie total.



  • When the player gets about 12,000 zombies, they will see the moon from Peggle Nights, another game from PopCap.
  • When the player gets about 16,500 zombies, they will see space rocks, or more exactly, asteroids.
  • At around 23,600 zombie kills, the player can see gems from Bejeweled, another PopCap game.
  • The limit is 30,000 zombie kills. After that, the zombies are sucked in a black hole, and the pile does not get any higher, although the player's kills are still recorded.
  • The name of the achievement is a reference to the video game Dead Space published by Electronic Arts. (The un- prefix likely comes from the fact that the player fights zombies in Plants vs. Zombies and zombies are undead).
  • Despite the fact that most zombies' armor, arms, and heads fall off when killed, the zombies still have them in the pile.

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