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Ultra Tackle is an alternate ability of All-Star's Sprint Tackle. It has a faster speed, longer range and deals higher damage, at 90 damage compared to 75 damage from the regular Sprint Tackle. It takes 45 seconds to recharge, 15 more than the original ability.

Stickerbook description

Ultra Tackle

Isolating himself in the Zen Tackle Tower for 5 years, the All-Star tried to master the art of tackling stuff. End Result? A more damaging tackle! But it can't be used as frequently.


  • When Ultra Tackle is used, the All-Star says 'BRAAAAIIINZ'! It sounds very similar to the Gargantuar and Giga Gargantuar's roars when they attempt to smash a plant.
    • The All-Star also says it when it fires its primary weapon and overheats. However, it does not make the same tone as the one used for Ultra Tackle.
  • In the Tactical Taco Party DLC Pack, its damage was decreased to 90 damage from 100 damage in order to prevent All-Star from vanquishing Sunflowers instantly and other plants with low health.
  • If the player vanquishes five players with the Ultra Tackle or the Sprint Tackle in a single session, they will earn the Offensive Line achievement.

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