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Twin SunflowerA

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures
Twin Sunflower
Twin SunflowerA
Makes twice the Sun of a regular Sunflower
Sun cost 50
Time to harvest Five minutes
Coin cost 3000
Gem cost 20
Recharge Fast
Unlocked Reclaiming The Sunny Lot

Twin Sunflower was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It was unlocked after reclaiming The Sunny Lot. Twin Sunflowers still gave out two sun each time, but its sun cost was reduced to 50 only and not an upgrade of Sunflower. This made Twin Sunflower a very effective sun-producer for any level. If the player used a Plant Perk on it, it would stun all the nearby zombies, in the same manner as a regular Sunflower.



  • It was the only upgrade plant in Plants vs. Zombies that appears in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. Despite this, the player does not need to plant it on a Sunflower.
  • It was the last non-VIP plant the player receives.
  • It was the most expensive non-VIP plant by coin cost in the game.
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