Turf Takeover is a game mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. According to this mode's description, it is a mix between Gardens & Graveyards and Herbal Assault. The mode can play one of 5 maps, those being Great White North, Seeds of Time, Zombopolis, Zomburbia, and Moon Base Z and it can switch from Gardens & Graveyards to Herbal Assault.


Because the maps are randomized, you will have to memorize which maps have the plants or zombies attacking or defending. Once you do this, you can switch to the team you like best, either on the offense or defense. As for the mode itself, apply the same strategies as you would for the modes.


  • When the time runs out and the capturing team loses but partially captures the base, the garden/graveyard sinks into the ground.
  • There are two exclusive maps to Turf Takeover that can't be accessed in private or single-player matches, which are Great White North Night and Seeds of Time Night.
    • However, these maps are just reskins of Great White North and Seeds of Time, respectively.
    • There are no "night" reskins for the other maps because they occur during the nighttime.

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