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For the DLC that the trials were introduced in, see Trials of Gnomus DLC.

The Trials of Eternity are new areas introduced in the Trials of Gnomus DLC in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. They can only be accessed by getting Trial Keys from the 50-Rainbow Star chest in the Town Hall, which respawns each new portal event. The chest has a 75% chance of having a Trial Key. The chests can only be opened with Rainbow Stars, which are only obtainable in two ways, the first which is to play games in the Mystery Portal, and the second is to trade normal stars for Rainbow Stars with a seagull in the Town Hall at a ratio of 7 : 1.


The Trials of Eternity have to be accessed with Trial Keys, which in turn are accessed from opening chests in the Town Hall. Each Trial has a different goal to accomplish. After beating the Trial, a code will be revealed, which can be used to unleash the guardian of the corresponding color. After defeating the Guardian, a stone bust will explode, revealing a portal that will take the player to another code.


There are four Trials of Eternity.

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