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The Trial of Shooty-Shooty is one of the four trials introduced in the Trials of Gnomus DLC in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. This trial can only be unlocked by using the Yellow Key of Precision. In the Trial of Shooty-Shooty, the player must shoot a target based on the image shown on the doorway. As he/she progresses, more and more images of the same kind will replace the ones that do not match. When the trial is complete, the player is given a glimpse of the code used to unleash the yellow Gnomes, whom they must fend off until the Yellow Guardian arrives.


The player must shoot all the copies of the image shown on the doorway. In the beginning, there is only one of the image required, however more and more copies of the required image will start to appear in later rounds.

The player is given 53 seconds to complete the trial.


The player ideally should either use rapid-fire, high-speed projectiles like Kernel Corn, or accurate fast reload classes like the Agent Pea. Also, character that have speed burst abilities can be used to quickly get to the next area after the door opens.
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