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The Trial of Hot Doom is a Trial of Eternity introduced in the Trials of Gnomus DLC of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The objective of the trial is to make it past four sets of 3x9 platforms. These platforms will light up in orange and red. Landing on an orange platform will result in the player being instantly vanquished. This trial can only be unlocked with the Red Key of Doom.


The goal is to get to the finish, past four different sections of platforms. These platforms will light up in orange and red. Landing on an orange platform will result in a vanquish. Getting vanquished, either by the platform or falling through the gaps, will result in failure of the entire trial.

The player has 1 minute and 8 seconds to complete the trial.


The first thing the player should do is take note of the patterns for each section:

  • The first section will, if laid out completely, consist of seven orange platforms and a red platform behind it. The columns that light up alternate between both the left and right columns and the center.
  • The second section is the same as the first, except the order of the columns is right, center, and left.
  • The third section has the duration that each platform lights up for increased. The pattern consists of an orange platform and a red platform behind it. There is no particular order of columns, the platforms light up in a row of three
  • The fourth section has the duration somewhere in between the first two and the third. The pattern consists of two orange platforms and a red platform. The order of columns is right, center, left, center.

The player should jump in that rhythm.

Another good way to pass the trial is to use the Imp, as the Imp has a controllable hover jump.

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