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Treasure Yeti

Last edited on April 21, 2014
by Someone456

Treasure Yeti

Treasure Yeti2

A rare and curious creature, he always packs a lunch.
Toughness: Dense
Speed: Basic
Special: Runs away after a short while, drops a lunchbox if killed
Weakness: E.M.Peach
The rare and wondrous Yeti carries his lunch box up and down Mount Brainer to his isolated mountain lodge.
For other uses, see Yeti.
Treasure Yeti2

Treasure Yeti is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. The player will get a notification that tells them which world and level the Treasure Yeti will currently be found in. It can be found in almost any world. After it is killed, it will drop a lunch box which contains loot, such as diamonds.

Almanac entry


SPEED: Basic

A rare and curious creature, he always packs a lunch.

Speed details: runs away after a short while.

Special: carries treasure.

The rare and wondrous Yeti carries his lunch box up and down Mount Brainer to his isolated mountain lodge.


Just do what you did to the Zombie Yeti in the original Plants vs. Zombies. However, it walks backwards a while after anything attacks it. It is recommended to use plants such as Repeater, Bonk Choy, Snapdragon, Coconut Cannon, or any plant with Plant Food to quickly kill it. As long as you manage to kill it quickly, you will have its lunchbox(es) which gives you good stuff.

If you have trouble with getting it to stay, you can use Kernel-pult's butter to keep it there, or Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food ability. The E.M.Peach can also make it stay due to it's ability to disable machines.

You can also use instant kills to quickly kill it.

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  • It may eat treasure. This is supported by the fact that it is a robot and the loot is found in its lunchbox.
  • It is actually a robot.
    • It is unknown who made the Yeti, but it could be Dr. Zomboss.
    • This characteristic is somewhat weird, since its Plants vs. Zombies counterpart, the Zombie Yeti, is a legitimate zombie.
    • That makes it one of the two original zombies in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time to be robots. The other zombie is the Zombie Bull. However, many robotic origin zombies are introduced in the Far Future.
  • In the "You got a Present!" Notification, there is a button called "open all". This is because you can get more than 1 lunchbox when you kill a Treasure Yeti.
    • You can also have this happen by doing the Pea Pod glitch.
    • This doesn't happen as often as it does with just one lunchbox.
  • In each world except the Wild West, the Treasure Yeti wears different types of hats.
    • In Ancient Egypt, it wears a fez.
    • In Pirate Seas, it wears a pirate hat.
    • In Wild West, it does not wear a hat.
    • In Far Future, it wears a pair of laser eyeglasses.
    • In the Chinese version, it wears a red suit and carries a horse stick.
  • If the player tries to stop the Treasure Yeti by planting something like a Wall-nut behind it, the Treasure Yeti will just walk backwards right through the Wall-nut and go off-screen.
  • In its Suburban Almanac entry, it says it packs lunch, but the lunchbox doesn't have any actual food in it.
    • It probably "eats the diamonds" since it's a robot.
  • The player can only get diamonds as treasure, however, the amount of them can variate from one to three diamonds.
  • It is the only zombie that can appear in any time period (not counting Piñata Party).
  • In the Chinese version, Yetis drop money bags or Puzzle Pieces (the player has to select a certain type e.g. Fire Gourd). They also are not robots.
  • The appearance in the almanac is dependent on the last world the player has entered. If he or she clicks on Pirate Seas for example and view the Pirate Seas map, the Treasure Yeti's appearance in the Almanac will be the Pirate Seas appearance.
  • Since v.2.1, the Lunch Box contains coins, because now diamonds have other value. It will still be 1,000 coins.