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Transport Boat2
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Plants vs. Zombies 2- It's About Time (Chinese version)

(translation: Transport Boat)

Transport Boat2
Almanac statistics
In-game statistics
First seen Sky City - Day 6

Transport Boat (运兵艇突袭; pinyin: yùn bīng tǐng túxí) is the tenth zombie encountered in Sky City. It appears as a Surprise attack. It flies next to the home ship and releases Flying Imps on the home ship. Once they reach the end of the home ship, they will parachute down.


The Transport Boat is invincible and cannot attack the player directly, but it will throw Flying Imps onto random ground columns. These Imps will attack plants from behind and after they eat all your plants, they will jump off the screen using a parachute. For more, see Tactics against Flying Imps.

It also obscures some of the zombies on the upper part of the screen as well due to its massive size, and thus enabling other zombies to slip past.



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