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Tough Beans
Tough Beans Tough Beans
Get a trophy in each Survival Mode.

Difficulty: Hard

Tough Beans is an achievement that can be obtained on the Nintendo DS version of Plants vs. Zombies. To obtain it, the player must complete every level of Survival Mode.


Tough Beans2

Tough Beans not achieved

For a strategy guide, see Survival Mode.

With every Survival level having a different setting with different environment modifiers, getting this achievement will require time, patience, and a good strategy. The normal Survival levels are generally easy to complete, but the Hard versions will require more effort.

Getting a certain number of flags in Survival: Endless is not necessary for completing this achievement.



All trophies in Survival Mode

  • The image for it is also used for Nobel Peas Prize, albeit it being more pixelated due to DS graphics.
  • The description is slightly misleading, as it implies that player also needs to earn a trophy in Survival: Endless to earn the achievement.

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