Totally Nuts is the fourth level of I, Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. The level mainly focuses on Ladder Zombies and Wall-nuts.


Use Ladder Zombies to climb over Wall-nuts. They are immune to Snow Pea's freezing effect when holding their ladders. A single Ladder Zombie can also survive in a lane with a single Peashooter or Snow Pea (if he is placed directly next to Wall-nuts), even without his ladder. Since Ladder Zombie's shield does not protect him from Fume-shrooms, use Buckethead Zombies in their lanes instead. If there is only a single Peashooter and no other offensive plants in that row, a Buckethead Zombie can survive, regardless of where the Peashooter is. If there are two Snow Peas in one lane, send a Ladder Zombie to climb over the Wall-nut and another one to avoid the freezing effect.

If you want to save sun, in the lane with Fume-shrooms, first send a Buckethead Zombie to finish the Wall-nut. After it is eaten, place another Buckethead Zombie. By then, the first zombie's bucket should have fallen off. If you send them both as once, the Fume-shroom's fumes will damage both zombies.



  • It is the first I, Zombie level where Ladder Zombies can be used.
  • Fume-shrooms always appear on the left two columns in the third row.
  • Wall-nuts always appear on the fourth column.
  • The level's name might be referring to the expression that symbolizes something crazy or absurd, and the fact that the fourth column is lined with Wall-nuts.


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