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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the other variants, see Torch Monk Zombie or Explorer Zombie.
For its appearance in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars, see Torch Kung-Fu Zombie (PvZ: AS).

Torch Kongfu Zombie (功夫火把僵尸; pinyin: gōngfū huǒbǎ jiāngshī) is a zombie that appears in Kongfu World in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is the Kongfu World variant of the Explorer Zombie from Ancient Egypt. It has a Monk variant within later levels of Kongfu World.

Almanac entry

功夫火把僵尸 (Torch Kongfu Zombie)

SPEED: Hungry


特点: 火炬伤害接触的植物
弱点: 冷冻攻击熄灭火炬

说实话, 功夫火把僵尸是埃及探险家僵尸的鼻祖。

    Carries a torch that can instantly destroy your plants.

    Special: torch destroys plant on contact
    Weakness: cold attacks extinguish torch

    To tell the truth, Torch Kongfu Zombie is an ancestor of Explorer Zombie in Egypt.


Torch Kongfu Zombie takes 12 normal damage shots. It loses its arm at 6 normal damage shots before dying at 12 normal damage shots.

It wears a blue Chinese vest that exposes its arms. Torch Kongfu Zombie dons a brown rucksack and has its hair tied in a bun with a thin red tape. It has bandages on both of its arms. Finally, it has a pair of torn blue pants and standard black shoes.


Since it is practically identical to Explorer Zombie, do whatever you do to kill Explorer Zombie to it, like using Winter Melon, Snow Pea, Freeze Mushroom or Cold Snapdragon. Just don't let it get near your plants because like its counterpart, it will instantly burn them. You can use Iceberg Lettuce to freeze it and extinguish its torch. You can also use Hurrikale because not only its freezing ability can extinguish the torch, but it can also push the zombie away from your plants.



  • According to its Almanac entry, it is Explorer Zombie's ancestor. However, Kongfu world takes place in the 1600s, while Ancient Egypt takes place thousands of years ago.

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