A torch

The torch is the weapon used by Explorer Zombie, its upgrade, and its Chinese counterparts. It can instantly burn any plant it touches, but can be extinguished by Iceberg Lettuce, Snow Pea's and Winter Melon's projectiles, Hurrikale's wind, Power Snow and Cold Snapdragon's breath. In the Chinese version, Freeze Mushroom can also extinguish its flame. Extinguishing it will earn the player the No Smoking achievement.


For more strategies, see Explorer Zombie.

Ice-based plants can extinguish the torch. However, it should be noted that fire damage from Snapdragons, fire peas from Torchwood or Fire Peashooter, fire from Flame Mushroom, and Pepper-pult's fire peppers will relight the torch if it has been extinguished.


  • Porter Gargantuar also carries a torch, but it does not burn plants, as it is not lit.
    • Instead, it uses the unlit torch to smash plants. The torch is lit in the Lost City Part 1 trailer and in the Almanac image before the 3.9 update.

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